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2020 Madness

This year has brought ups and downs like we have never seen before. Restricted travel and the risk of big family gatherings puts us in a weird spot when it comes to spending the holidays with family. The COVID-19 Pandemic has shown many of us the things we take for granted. One of them is spending time with family. Far or near, it is difficult to get together as a family during these times.

2020 has already been a downer, do not let it ruin your Christmas! We have a great idea for everyone to have fun with family and friends we cannot see.

A Quarantine Christmaschristmas

For some, Christmas is the best time of the year. Don’t let the current situation turn your Christmas celebrations upside down. This year has taught us that we can do many things virtual! This includes chatting with family and friends via video conferencing. While we will miss out on the warm hugs and the family gatherings around the Christmas tree, we are still able to see each other and communicate. Sometimes we have to look at the bright side and be thankful for the family we have.

Everyone knows what secret Santa is, but have you ever heard of virtual secret Santa? Well, the idea is the same. Everyone has their own twist to this fun holiday game, but we have some suggestions for you.

A New Look at Secret Santa

zoom call First off, you want to appoint someone in the family to be in charge. Yes, this may sound different than the usual method, but after all… it is virtual! This person in charge will be responsible for randomizing everyone to their appointed secret Santa. The person in charge will also be responsible for collecting a small amount of money from every member to purchase a grand prize winner. Once everyone has received whom they will be getting gifts for, it is time to let the games begin.

Plan ahead of time to have a family video conference on Christmas day for secret Santa. Now that everyone knows who they are getting gifts for, go get the gifts. Remember, this is a game and you want to make it as fun as possible. Get creative with your gifting.

Things to think about when choosing a gift.

  • Get something unconventional.
  • Get something that will be hard to guess that you specifically purchased.
  • Get something funny. Everyone loves a good giving

Once you get your gifts make sure to send them out in a timely manner so that everyone will have their gift by Christmas day for secret Santa. Be patient and wait to unwrap your gift during reveal time.

Here is where the fun begins. When it comes time to reveal presents and start guessing who your secret Santa is, you will notice things are a bit harder this time. It will actually be more difficult to guess without everyone in the same room. The twist with virtual secret Santa will be getting everyone involved in the guessing. Each time a gift is revealed, make sure it is visible to everyone and let the recipient do the guessing first. Then go around and let others guess who the culprit might be.

The person in charge will already know who everyone’s secret Santa is, so they will be able to know who is right and who is wrong. When people are guessing, the person in charge will award points to those who guess right on a piece of paper. Note that the secret Santas will be revealed at the end of the game. If the recipient of the gift guesses right, they will be awarded two points, so make your turn count. Now that everyone has a stake in the game every time a gift is revealed, things can get intense. After all of the unwrapping is done, it is time to reveal the secret Santas.

After everyone has gotten a good laugh in and a few “I knew it was you” comments out there, reveal the point winners. This is where your creativity can come into play with possibly several winners and maybe a loser challenge. If you do this with one winner you may find that you have a tie. Extra fun is always good. Come up with a creative and hilarious tie breaker for the grand prize winner.

The winner(s) will then receive their grand prize gift and for the next year, they will be appointed to the master secret Santa position of being in charge.

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