Grilling Season 

There is no better time than summer to bust out the old grill and chef up some of the summer greats! We have come together to make the ultimate summer grilling guide for you!

To get the most out of your grill, you want to ensure you are properly cleaning your grill. It is essential to have your grill in tip-top shape for grilling season.

Charcoal Grillcharcoal grill

If you are using a charcoal grill you want to make sure you are cleaning it after every use. After your charcoal has cooled down, you want to begin removing excess chunks and debris from the bottom. Following this, you should thoroughly brush out the bottom of the grill to remove the ash and build-up.

To ensure the best clean, purchase a stiff-wire brush. If you do not have a wire brush, you can soak your grill grates in a vinegar and baking soda solution to make scrubbing residue off much easier.

Once you have cleaned out the inside of the grill properly, you can apply small amounts of vegetable oil on the grill grates. Vegetable oil is good for rust prevention and it can also slow down how quickly food builds up on the grates.

Don’t forget your grilling utensils! It is essential that you are cleaning your grilling tools as well.

Gas Grillgrill brush

The same goes for a gas grill… you want to use a stiff-wired brush if you have one. A stiff-wired brush will help you achieve maximum results.

First, you want to remove your grill grates so that you can really get in there and clean it out. It is not a bad idea to let you grill grates soak in some kind of cleaning solution while you clean the rest of your grill.

Now remove anything that might be covering your burners. You want to make sure that your burners are not clogged and that you clean them well. Lightly brush around these areas and your burner tubes.

Lastly, clean out the bottom of the grill. Wipe and brush out all the residue from the bottom of your grill. Make sure you do this last in case anything falls to the bottom while you are cleaning the rest of your grill.

You can also apply vegetable oil to gas grill grates to prevent rusting and food build-up.

Now it’s time to grill!

Summer Satisfaction

Use your grill to its full potential this summer! Here are some tips to make sure you are getting the most out of your grill:

  • Always keep a source of water close to the grill in case flames get out of control.
  • Do not put cold food straight onto your grill. If you are looking to have a more even cook, then let whatever you are cooking come to room temperature.
  • Prep your grill for about 10 minutes so that your grill is heated and all your surfaces have burned off any residue that may be leftover. If you followed the instructions above you shouldn’t have to worry about that!
  • Always keep raw foods away from cooked foods. You want to avoid cross-contamination at all costs!
  • Use low heat to cook chicken and fish.
  • Use high heat to cook beef and pork.

The Good Stuff

Here are some summer grilling recipes that will blow you and your friends away!


grilled salmon

grilled potatoes