Since the first three stages of a mosquito’s life take place in water, keeping your property dry is the best way to deter this pest. mosquito life cycle

Examine the cap on an ordinary bottle of water. Female mosquitoes can produce up to 200 eggs in any body of water that’s at least that size. Just imagine the nightmare that you’re in for if you have standing water on a flat roof or a neglected swimming pool.

Mosquitoes are far more than an annoyance. They transmit serious diseases like malaria, West Nile virus, Zika virus, and heartworm. Read on to learn about mosquitoes’ favorite breeding sites and what you can do to keep your family and pets safe.

Top Breeding Sites

• Gutters

Mosquitoes prefer shallow, stagnant water. If you’re not keeping your gutters dry and free of debris, they’re ideal. Check frequently to make sure that they’re clean and draining properly.

• Trash cans

If your trash can doesn’t have a tight-fitting lid, tin cans, plastic bags, and take-out containers will fill with rainwater and attract mosquitoes.

• Flower pots and drainage saucers

Be sure that your planters allow the soil to drain and dry out after you water your plants. Turn over any pots and saucers that are not in use.

• Tarps and pool covers

If these sit undisturbed for long periods of time, water collects in pockets and creases. Keep them as dry and free of debris as possible.

• Tires

Mosquitoes are crazy about tires. They’re often abandoned, they’re dark and inviting and their design provides shelter. Tires should be recycled or stored in the garage. If you hang a tire swing for the kids, drill holes in the bottom to keep water from collecting inside.

• Ornamental fountains and kid pools

Keep an ornamental fountain aerated and clean.

For optimal safety, a kiddie pool should be emptied, thoroughly cleaned, deflated and allowed to dry between uses.

• Depressions in your yard

Depressions, especially in areas that don’t get much sunlight, should be filled in to prevent water from puddling.

Good Riddance

Even the most diligent homeowners have a hard time eradicating mosquitoes in their most active seasons. MosquitoNix of Alabama can help.

We’ll thoroughly inspect your property, pinpoint breeding sites that you may have missed and offer an effective solution. Our misting technology has been in use for more than 20 years, and we’re so confident in it that we offer a guarantee.

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