Did you know that mosquitos are known to be most active between dusk and dawn? Here are some tips to avoid the bite that do not require any chemicals or service.bite


One of the most important things you can do to avoid a mosquito bite is to choose your wardrobe wisely. Mosquitos are less attracted to lighter colors, bring out your light-colored wardrobe for summertime! Mosquitos are already naturally attracted to the heat that humans put off. You want to wear loose-fit, breathable clothing to ensure that you are staying cool and not attracting any additional unwanted pests. There are also many things you can do for prevention around your home. These are things like clearing out piles of leaves, debris and water collection areas around your home. You want to eliminate as many places for breeding grounds as possible to decrease the number of mosquitos near your home. 

The Asian Tiger Mosquito

The Asian Tiger Mosquito is the most invasive species of mosquitoes on planet earth. The Asian Tiger Mosquito comes from two islands in the Chinese city of Guangzhou. In 1985 the Asian Tiger Mosquito made its way to the United States and is now a home ground to this invasive species, especially in Alabama. This species has adapted really well to be able to breed in- harsh conditions and small spaces. bite

The Asian Tiger Mosquito is a day feeder that will prey on humans throughout the entirety of their day. Something very important to know about these mosquitos is that they are very aggressive. This can most likely explain why they bite for such extended periods of time throughout the day. Lastly, you should know that their eggs can last for years. This is what makes them so resilient, you must take action at the source to really eliminate these pests. Do not worry though, there is plenty you can do to prevent and eliminate all types of mosquitoes!