Mosquitoes have been in existence for millions of years. Even today, these disease-carrying insects still remain a threat throughout the world. Check out these seven astonishing facts about mosquitoes.

1. No Other Creatures Are Deadlier Than Mosquitoes

Over the course of history, mosquitoes have earned a reputation for spreading illnesses. Malaria, yellow fever, and the West Nile Virus are just a few of the known sicknesses. It’s no secret why these infections pests are hated by people from around the globe. You should stay away from them at all costs.

2. Male Mosquitoes Won’t Bother You

You don’t have to worry about being attacked by male mosquitoes. Only their female counterparts have a thirst for blood, which is necessary for the development of eggs. The males mainly feed on the nectar from flowers.

3. Mosquitoes Are Natural Carbon Dioxide Detectors

Mosquitoes don’t need to see you in order to notice your presence. They have a unique ability to detect carbon dioxide in the air. It’s an indication that a potential meal is nearby. Because humans expel carbon dioxide while breathing, mosquitoes are quickly drawn to crowds.

4. They Need Water to Breed

If you happen to have standing water on your property, mosquitoes can quickly transform it into their new breeding ground. They will use the stagnant water to lay eggs. A small puddle can harbor hundreds of these insects. Some of the common places where you might find stagnant water includes old flower pots, clogged rain gutters, and outdoor children’s toys.

5. Mosquitoes Have a Relatively Long Life

In the insect world, mosquitoes have a long life expectancy. Most live for at least five months. This means they can terrorize you for the majority of the year. By comparison, wasps typically have a lifespan of only 19 days.

6. A Mosquito’s Wings Beat Extremely Fast

Everyone has heard the buzzing of a mosquito. This distinctive sound is caused by their wings, which can beat up to 600 times per second. Amazingly, mating mosquitoes are actually able to synchronize the speed of their wings.

7. They Are Slow Fliers

Mosquitoes are not known to be speedy fliers. Even the fastest mosquito can only fly at a speed of 1.5 miles per hour. Butterflies and bees are far swifter. Because mosquitoes are so slow, they become sitting ducks for predators such as bats and dragonflies.

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