Where Mosquitoes are Common

//Where Mosquitoes are Common

The days heat up in Alabama, where the humidity is at high levels throughout the spring and the summer. It’s conditions like these that bring out mosquitoes by the millions. They flourish in the Deep South and breed during the warm seasons, making life unbearable for those who enjoy the Great Outdoors. If you wonder why mosquitoes are prevalent in your backyard, you might be creating a haven for them.

4 Places to Find Mosquitoes

Pet Bowls

Where Mosquitoes are Common Many homeowners feed their dogs outdoors, leaving the water bowl filled for days. Even if your dog regularly drinks from the bowl, it won’t stop mosquitoes from laying their eggs in the water. It only takes an inch of water to attract mosquitoes, so consider bringing your dog’s dishes indoors or keeping them hidden from mosquitoes.

Tall Weeds

Mosquitoes congregate on tall weeds when they’re resting during mid-day and the night. Most mosquito species feed in the early morning and evening hours, so they spend their time on leaves and branches when it’s hot outside. Removing weeds from your property will help to prevent infestations over the summer.

Old Tires

Old tires, including tire swings, fill up with water every time it rains. Because mosquitoes need water for breeding, it’s a good idea to place old tires in a shed or under a covered shelter. If you have a tire swing, be sure to dump out the water every time it rains, or you could see an increase in mosquitoes.

Kiddie Toys

Your children’s toys, such as dump trucks and sandbox pails, also collect water when it rains. Anytime water sits for a long period, it turns stagnant and attracts mosquitoes. Have your children bring in their toys when they’re done playing to prevent unnecessary mosquito infestations.

Prevent Mosquito Infestations in Alabama

Mosquito infestations put families at risk all across the country, not just in Alabama. These insects feed on blood and transmit the Zika virus, including the West Nile virus and chikungunya, to people in high-prone areas like the South. MosquitoNix Alabama mosquito misting systems stop mosquitoes from infiltrating your property, creating a barrier around the perimeter. They can be installed in areas where mosquitoes rest, breed and attack people, giving everyone a safer and more enjoyable backyard experience.

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