Where Do Mosquitoes Go when it’s Cold Out

//Where Do Mosquitoes Go when it’s Cold Out

Mosquitoes are common pests, especially in Alabama. These insects may carry numerous diseases that become spread through bites. To avoid an infestation, it is important to know where they go when the weather gets cool and the time of year that they return.

Where Do Mosquitoes Go in the Cold Weather?

Although mosquitoes commonly disappear from sight when the temperatures cool, they do not go away permanently. Certain species lay eggs and die. These eggs cover the ground and wait to hatch in warmer conditions. Other species hibernate in outdoor hiding spaces, including holes in the ground, hollow trees, and overhung creeks. In certain instances, they may find shelter in old barns or heated cellars.

What Time of Year Are Mosquitoes Absent?

Usually, mosquitoes go away when the temperatures dip below freezing. In areas of Alabama where exterior temperatures remain mild during winter, mosquito activity may occur throughout all times of the year.

What Time of Year Does Mosquito Activity Resume?

In places where warm springs follow cold winters, mosquitoes will emerge from hibernation. Others will hatch from eggs. Different species have varied life cycles and temperature tolerances. The exact time when mosquito activity resumes depends on a location’s rainfall and climate. Hibernating insects require warmth to resume activity. Mosquitoes that begin in eggs require rainfall for hatching.

Since weather influences mosquito activity, these insects return at different times of year. In most areas, summer’s hot conditions cause a spike in population. This type of weather helps them quickly complete their life cycles, which means that more eggs are produced and hatched. At summer’s end, mosquitoes gradually begin to disappear.

How to Prepare for Mosquito Season

Since no one can predict the exact time that mosquito season will begin, it is essential to get prepared early. The experts at Mosquitonix Alabama are ready to help you take back your backyard. Thanks to our cutting-edge technology, we promise to deliver reliable and successful results. For over 10 years, we have provided families around the Huntsville and Birmingham areas with help for all of their pest control needs. For more information, call us at 256-801-3595.

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