Mosquito Season in Alabama 

Warmer temperatures are not too far away and this also means we are not far away from dealing with the infamous mosquito. There is no definite time that mosquito season actually begins, it has everything to do with climate conditions. Years of scientific study show consistency in the correlation of mosquito activity and outdoor temperatures. Therefore we like to say mosquito season really begins when temperatures and consistently above 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Mosquitos will only become more active after this temperature threshold is exceeded.

Unless extremely abnormal weather patterns are occurring, we typically are able to gauge what months this will begin to occur. For the record, temperature is not the only thing that will stir mosquitos up again. Humidity and rainfall play a huge role in making the ideal conditions for mosquitos to thrive in and especially breed. mosquito breeding

Mosquitos are always on the lookout for ideal breeding conditions. This means they will follow the “storm” in a sense. They will migrate towards warmer and moister weather. In fact they need water in order to successfully lay their eggs and their eggs need this water in order to successfully hatch.

Making Preparations 

As difficult as it may seem to combat mosquitos, there is actually a handful that you can do to prepare for mosquito season. If you live in an area where you feel mosquitos are a problem then you should be taking these preventive measures every year!

First and foremost, water is key to everything as we mentioned before. You should view water as the source for mosquito survival. Mosquitos need water to breed and they do not need much. Inspect the surrounding areas of your home for any standing water. Places to look are any buckets, bowls, or any containers of any sort that can hold water. Really anything that can hold water, you want to make sure you are removing water from these areas on a regular basis. Hundreds of mosquito larvae could be in a very small water collection area, so be sure that you are thorough!

mosquito larvae Next you want to remove the clutter around your home. This is everything from stuff just lying around to debris that are collecting in certain areas like your gutters for example. Debris build up can also serve as a breeding ground. Leaves and other debris can collect just enough moisture for mosquitos to thrive in. In your gutters water can build up from leaves and other debris clogging them. Regular cleaning of your gutters and even installing gutter guards can go a long way in mosquito prevention. Do whatever it takes to make mosquito season manageable for you are your family.

This may seem like a no-brainer but you definitely want to make sure you are keeping mosquitos out of your home! Mosquitos in your home is when the problem gets beyond annoying. If you feel that you are having mosquitos buzzing around the inside of your home, consider installing screens on your windows and doors.

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Consider installing a mosquito misting system for a more permanent solution to this problem. You will not regret living mosquito-free!