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Protect Your Family From a Growing Problem – Mosquito Borne Diseases

Mosquitos have always been an annoying part of summer. But families today have more to worry about than just a few itchy mosquito bites. The growing prevalence of mosquito borne diseases is of increasing concern, and families need to be aware of how they can better protect themselves from the disease-carrying pests.

The Danger of Mosquito Borne Diseases

Mosquito borne diseases are viruses and diseases spread to a human or animal through the bite of an infected mosquito. You might have heard of some of them already—Zika and the West Nile virus are the most widespread in America. There are 8 others currently known as well, and although not all mosquito borne diseases are a significant danger in America, they are still of high concern because severe cases of a majority of them can cause death. In fact, over one million people worldwide die as a result of mosquito borne diseases each year.

Many experts believe that the mosquito population is growing, subsequently increasing the danger of mosquito borne diseases, due to climate change. Earlier spring weather and longer periods of warmer weather certainly contribute to mosquito population growth. Regardless of the cause, mosquitos do remain a growing problem, and families must take measures to protect themselves from the disease carrying pests.

Protecting Yourself and Your Family from Mosquito Borne Diseases

While many towns and municipalities take their own measures to eliminate the spread of mosquitos, there is much you can do as well for yourself and around your own home.

First, remove any debris, equipment, tires, buckets, barrels, and items that collect water when it rains. Standing water is an ideal breeding ground for mosquitos—larvae can grow into fully-grown mosquitos within a week. If you have items such as fountains or birdbaths that won’t be removing from the yard, treat the water with a bacterial insecticide—it is specially designed to kill mosquito larvae, and won’t harm plants or other wildlife such as birds and fish.

There are, of course, many other products on the market designed to kill mosquitos, such as carbon dioxide traps and citronella candles. Many products are effective to a degree but don’t always eliminate mosquitos completely. And while dousing yourself in insect and mosquito repellant will keep the mosquitos off you for a while, you probably don’t really want to continually spray yourself with toxic chemicals, much less your children.

That’s why many families today opt for an automated mosquito misting system from MosquitoNix. The misting system is installed around your property and utilizes a non-toxic pyrethrum-based spray extracted from plants to repel and kills mosquitos. MosquitoNix is the ideal solution for keeping your yard clear of mosquitos and other biting pests and insects, and keeping your family safe from mosquito borne diseases.