As soon as the weather gets warm and humid, the insects come out in full force. As a homeowner living in Alabama, you are probably all too familiar with how quickly your yard can become overrun with pests. When summer comes around, it can seem like every mosquito in the area does too. If you or someone in your family is the type of person who ends up being a mosquito buffet every year, you might be wondering if the mosquitos are attracted to you for a particular reason. As it turns out, you just might be right. Are mosquitos attracted to particular blood type?

Does Your Blood Type Matter?blood type

Believe it or not, mosquitos decide on their victims based on a number of different factors. Surprisingly, your blood type can be one of the ways they decide on who their next meal will be.

Researchers have done studies that show that mosquitos are twice as likely to bite someone with Blood Type O than those with A, B or AB blood. While nobody is exactly sure why it is most likely because Blood Type O contains the highest concentration of proteins for mosquitos to harvest for food.

In addition to this, some scientists also found that around 85 percent of us actually secrete a chemical signal through our skin that advertises what our blood type is. This can mean a lot of itchy summers for those unlucky enough to secrete this chemical and also have Type O blood.

The good news is that there are measures you can take to keep the mosquito population at a minimum around your home and yard.

Tips For Keeping Mosquitos at Bay

1. Never leave open, uncovered food or drinks outside. Sugary beverages and beer attract not only mosquitos but bees, wasps, and flies as well.

2. Keep trees trimmed and the grass cut. Keeping your property as neat and free of tangled growth as possible will give mosquitos and other insects fewer places to hide.

3. Remove all standing water around the house and yard. This includes picking up toys, tools, and debris as well as keeping lawn furniture dry and draining birdbaths regularly. Mosquitos can nest in as little as an inch of standing water.

4. Plant mosquito-repelling herbs and shrubs. Mosquitos tend to shy away from plants like citronella, catnip, lavender, basil, lemon balm, marigolds, peppermint, and eucalyptus, so growing any of these around your home can curb the mosquito population.

Still Having Trouble With Mosquito Control?

While the tips mentioned above can help minimize your mosquito problem, chances are good that those tips will not eliminate the issue completely. Contact Mosquitonix Alabama today and let us help you keep your home and yard mosquito-free all season long.