Are you tired of your outdoor parties and events being ruined over the summer months due to mosquitoes? If so, you aren’t alone. We have served a large number of Florence customers who were sick and tired of the mosquito problem in the area.

In the state of Alabama, mosquito season usually lasts from the early portion of May until the end of October. During this time, Florence is often a breeding ground for these blood thirsty pests. In addition to be annoying, mosquitoes can also carry serious and dangerous diseases, such as the West Nile Virus.

Our Effective Mosquito Defense Services

If you are searching for Florence mosquito control services, look no further than what we have to offer. Our team takes every step necessary to offer you, our valued customer, the top-quality services you need and demand. Our team provides affordable and dependable services that also provide effective protection from mosquito bites, along with the dangers and nuisance of mosquitoes.

Keep reading to learn more about the specific methods we use to provide mosquito control in Florence.

Quicknix Mosquito Treatment

Our QuickNix Mosquito Treatment Program is a popular option for our Florence customers. If your ultimate goal is to enjoy your outside living space, while finding an affordable solution, then this option is right for you. Our team will eliminate all mosquitoes present and distribute several different types of granules to help push their presence far from your property.

This program involves three thorough steps that are repeated every 21 days. Also, it’s so effective that studies we have done have shown a reduction of the mosquito population of up to 90 percent during the initial seven days after the treatment is administered.

Mosquito Misting System

One of the most effective ways to keep mosquitoes out of the yard and away from you and your family is with our MosquitoNix Mosquito Misting Systems. Our misting system has the ability to eradicate between 95 and 99 percent of all mosquitoes in your yard.

If you are ready for help from a mosquito extermination company in Florence, AL that achieves the results you are looking for, then contact us today. Our team will help you get rid of the annoying and often dangerous mosquitoes that tend to plague your summers, allowing you to enjoy the great outdoors without those pesky bites and itchy bumps.

Refer Your Friends

They will get a $250 discount towards a mosquito misting system, and a $75 discount towards a QuickNix mosquito treatment program. If they sign up, you will get a $250 or $75 award/credit towards your account.

I've been using Mosquitonix for years and love the friendly service and effective, natural barrier they provide against mosquitos and other flying bugs. We started out using them for outdoor events, receptions, parties (outdoor movies, etc). We found it to be so effective that we now use them as a regular service. We love to eat outdoors and are very allergic to mosquito bites. The regular service allows us to enjoy our backyard without needing smelly (and harmful) spray-on mosquito repellant. Our grandchildren greatly benefit as well as all our guests.

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