Types of Mosquitoes in Alabama

//Types of Mosquitoes in Alabama

Nothing can ruin a sunny afternoon quite like the incessant buzzing of mosquitoes. More than just obnoxious, they can bite you repeatedly, resulting in several days of itching and discomfort. While Alabama summers provide the perfect opportunity to spend time outdoors, many homeowners are kept from doing so by countless mosquitoes. Since knowledge is power, here is some quick information to help you win the fight against this flying nuisance.

What Types of Mosquitoes Are in Alabama?

 Thanks to the state’s abundance of natural resources, Alabama is home to roughly 60 different mosquito species. Today, the Asian tiger mosquito is the most prevalent variety. Comfortable in suburban areas, this type of mosquito is particularly bothersome as they are able to thrive on small amounts of water. In addition to this imported species, the Japanese encephalitis mosquito and the southern house mosquito are also common to the area and are known to carry diseases.

What Attracts Them to My Home?

Requiring water to lay their eggs, mosquitoes are always looking for the ideal combination of warm weather and standing water. Preferring older water, they search for puddles and other wet areas that have been stagnant for a week or longer. With this in mind, items like old tires, open containers and ponds are magnets for mosquitoes, especially after a day of rain.

How Can I Prevent an Infestation?

Since female mosquitoes can lay up to 300 eggs at a time, preventing an infestation is much easier than trying to get rid of one. With that said, here are a few tips to help you protect your home against a mosquito infestation:

  • Eliminate any areas of standing water
  • Clean and refill birdbaths at least once a week
  • Stock decorative pools with fish that feed on mosquito larvae
  • Unclog and clean your gutters
  • Empty swimming pools when not in use
  • Remove or cover natural water containers such as hollow trees

If you notice an increasing number of mosquitoes on your property, you can reinforce your home with mesh coverings on your windows and doors. It may also benefit you to caulk any holes and cracks where mosquitoes can enter. Aside from these solutions, misting is one of the best ways to keep these insects at bay. To maintain your curb appeal, misting nozzles can be hidden in your shrubs, which will also help to eliminate this pest at its source.

If you want to protect your outdoor living space from this summer buzzkill, contact Mosquitonix Alabama today to learn more about our specially formulated mists and other powerful treatments.

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